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Main Performers of the Year 2019


Double Date (USA) 

Double Date’s sound is fun, jazzy arrangements with tight harmonies, mostly in the barbershop style! Double Date sings barbershop classics, folk songs, musical theater, jazz standards, Western and Indian classical songs and popular music spanning the 20th century.




Philomela (FIN) 

Philomela is made up of about 60 open-minded, singing loving women, who are like an elastic instrument together, one polyphonic instrument. The choir moves and carries the sound into the audience and around it. Marjukka Riihimäki, Director Musices (Finnish honorary title) has led Philomela since it was established. Philomela, established in Helsinki in 1984, has become one of the country's most important choirs, which enjoys wide international appreciation.  



The Children´s Opera Cinderella (FIN)

The original, nearly three hours long opera has now been shortened and arranged into a more streamlined and lighter version for children. Speaking lines in Finnish have also been added. The performers are young professional singers and the orchestra is imitated by the pianist Laura Kivikoski. The working group is collected for this production. Rossini´s Cinderella is a popular classical work, a well-known fairytale, whose touching and educational story has been wrapped up in the most beautiful and humorous musical form. This renewed and fresh performance offers a happy and lively young girl's growth story, where understanding, love and forgiveness win in the end. Direction is modern, engaging, fun and full of happy surprises and coincidences.




Humanophones (FRA)

HUMANOPHONES creates music entirely produced with the body. This quintet is composed of three singers and two body drummers. HUMANOPHONES is an explosive «Groov’Animé», where the voice in all its forms plays with powerful and effective body percussions, a jubilant concert! HUMANOPHONES distills an original alchemy, which mixes pop-music, funk, jazz, soul music and tribal inspirations from here and from elsewhere. A wild and energetic freshness radiates from this band!



Cantores Minores (FIN) 

The oldest and most successful boys´ choir of Finland, Cantores Minores, will arrive again at the Vaasa Choir Festival in 2019. Cantores Minores is a world-class boys´ choir established as a cultural institution, whose repertoire includes, among others, demanding, great choral works of Bach, Brahms and Mozart.

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