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Bookings directly from the hotels

Rewell Center 101, 65100 Vaasa
Tel +358 20 123 4671 

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Price list for participating Choirs:

- 1 person's room   __ €/day

- 2 persons room  __ €/day

- 2 persons room + extra bed  __ €/day

Booking code: 


Original Sokos Hotel Royal, Vaasa 
Hovrättseplanaden 18, 65100 Vaasa
Tel: +358 6 212 7267 

Original Sokos Hotel Royal, Vaasa

Price list for participating Choirs:

- 1 person's room   __ €/day

- 2 persons' room    __ €/day

- 3 persons' room   __ €/day

Booking code: 


More Information for other accomodation options please contact:

Visit Vaasa 
Tel +358 6 325 1145
E-post: visit.vaasa@visitvaasa.fi
PB1003, 65101 VAASA

Visit adress: Rewell Center, Upper Market square, Vaasa






The Choir Festival organisation arranges common meals during the Festival period.

This year restaurants (open) are in charge of festival meals. The former four mentioned are located in the heart of the city.

They offer several delicious meal alternatives. The participants in the Choir Festival can buy meals with their festival pass from the menu that has been specifically planned for them. Both lunch and dinner are the same price.

To avoid queues, we kindly ask choirs to make their table reservations and orders for meals in advance to the restaurants. Don't forget to mention special dietary requirements.

Meals are paid for on the spot to the restaurant staff.





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